Our team in High Return 360 serves you prefessional training services. We understand the organizational challenges, and cater our trainings based on real customer requirements. HR360 has successfully trained challenging change projects in small and big organisations across several fields and industry sectors. Our services can be organised in English or in Finnish languages. 


Virtual leadership (eLeadership) and management require new sets of skills. Old management styles are useless, as teams scattered across many time zones and coutries are not motivated with traditional leadership.

Trust, motivation and participatory leadership are emphasised in virtual business organisations. Teams do not necessarily even meet each other physically. It is time to learn a new time leadership mode. 

eLeadership & Communication

Communication is an essential part of forming organizational culture and keeping up positive spirit. Virtual teams pose challenges for interaction and social interaction. Communication is an essential part of building trust. Active communication, knowledge sharing and narrative communication are core enablers of eLeadership and teamwork.

Flow & Mindfulness 

How do I lead myself? Concentration is the key to reach flow mode.It takes challenges and a sense of competency to create flow-space.

Concentration and mindfulness (being aware of your presence) are important skills and can be can practiced with tailor-made coaching. This training is designed for both team leaders, managers. It suits well also of members of boards or management teams. 

Laying off employees 

Laying off employees and communication:

Our consultation sessions are tailored for organizational change processes, and our   trainings support the implementation of change projects. What and how to communicate? How to improve the interactivity? 

How to lay off in a professional manner - leadership training:

Termination of contract: both parties should be treated with respect, and communicated face to face, in person. Situations shall be practiced by our coaches.

Team Work & Dynamics

Training focuses on the basics of group dynamics and life-cycle approach, which deals with the setting of objectives, leadership, employee skills, and communication. Commitment to team goals builds a sense of community, which in return is a prerequisite for successful teamwork.

"Taitovalmennus" - Training the skills for working life

The following trainings have been branded "Taitovalmennus", i.e. training of those skills, that are important in boosting your organisation's success. These skills can be improved by practicing and training. Our training focuses on developing your skills in the following areas: 

  • "Taitovalmennus" Employee and leadership skills
  • "Taitovalmennus" Team dynamics and team leadership
  • "Taitovalmennus" Change management
  • "Taitovalmennus" Leading yourself
  • "Taitovalmennus" Career path and development
  • "Taitovalmennus" Time management   
  • "Taitovalmennus" Leadership vs. management  
  • "Taitoavalmennus" Development review
  • "Taitovalmennus" Running effective meetings
  • "Taitovalmennus" YoungTalent

Our YoungTalent training helps young people learn the values and culture of new employer and organisation by focusing on employee skills and life management. In this training we go through the skills needed in the workplace, including the "psychological contract". In addition, we deal with career development and work-related goals. Training can be implemented as  company-tailored coaching, so that it can be incorporated into your new employee orientation program.

Welcome to discuss in more detail about your needs, We are looking forward to your contact.