High Return 360 has developed a unique, new HR tool called B@eMOT for managing your employee engagement. The tool helps you measure and analyze how motivated your employees are. Furthermore, it assists you to develop needed improvement steps to boost up the engagement levels. And when you need to implement the planned development into action, our tool guides you with all needed steps. Our HR360 services complement B@eMOT with the help of 360 evaluation, training, coaching services.

Employee engagement plays an important role for your daily business operations. It shows up internally and externally, all the way to customers. Are you using carrot and stick to manage your team? Do your employees need more autonomy, better competences? How are you bringing the best out of your employees?

Our B@eMOT tool helps you boost your people management practice, redefine your values and leadership culture, or finetune the way you inspire your most valuable asset, people.

B@eMOT can be used by team members or managers, small teams or whole organisation. If needed, we offer also custom made service for extending the tool to wider eco-system, including your partners, suppliers, customers.