Are you considering of starting up a new company abroad? Or expanding your current commercial activities internationally? Our B@Expansion service assists your company to enter new Europe markets via key spring boards in both North Europe and Central Europe.  

Nordic Business House is experienced in helping new and growth companies to build a new base in Holland when looking to enter into Central Europe. Our international market entry services help you increase your sales revenue in new market areas, when you decide to set up and run local European business operation and open a local commercial address.

B@The Netherlands

Why The Netherlands? Its central location and closeness to all biggest markets in Europe talk for itself. Moreover, new comers are greeted with the following advantages:

If you are considering international moves in the Nordics, why not do that via Estonia? There are several good reasons why you should do it - including low taxation and modern, European business culture. And it is easy and fast process through our B@Estonia service package. 


Why Estonia? The benefits for entering in Estonia include the following:

Our B@Estonia services include:

How to enter? We help you to start your new venture in The Netherlands or in Estonia, from the decision making to implementation phase.

Next steps? Please contact us with your business needs. We help you to establish a new company abroad. Welcome to The Netherlands and Estonia!