Nordic Business House has created a unique business tool, B@Metamorphose which is used in our business consulting services. The tool helps to boost our customers' business profitability by improving their processes and way of working. With the help of B@Metamorphose, our customers can identify new business opportunities with a fresh way of thinking. Our team respects the needs of our customers, and that is why we tailor-make our services based on the actual customer requirements.

What does B@Metamorphose stand for?

We use B@Metamorphose as a transformation path when we guide our customers to think creatively, out-of-the-box, together as a team. 

B@Metamorphose consists of three key elements: B@, Metamorphose and HR360

B@ refers to the following success-factors: be innovative, be proactive, and be transparent and reliable.

Be innovative:    It is no doubt that thinking in an innovative and creative way helps you to find where the profit lies in the future. Visionaries who take advantage of e.g. sustainability can more easily make bold and smart decisions regarding how to greener their strategies and brand image. You should also reshape your business environment and dynamics, and take action now to rethink the way your operations are set up, how you define your business, and how your brand image is perceived. Our solution boosts your innovation and creativity to identify new ideas and to develop new business opportunities to better serve your customer needs. Our innovation stream helps you to kick-start the needed change process.

Be proactive:    There are no brands without customers! You should recognize that their expectations have changed and they are looking for more sustainable options. Building greener products may not be enough anymore. You need to help customers to be more sustainable also in their daily lives. Moreover, customers are expecting organizations to change their behavior and internal processes more sustainable. Our solution turns these business environment changes into new opportunities inside your value chain and product lifecycle. 

Be transparent and reliable:    Today, customers are increasingly holding brands accountable for what they do and don’t do in all media. We support and help you to build credibility, but you have to work hard to earn your customers' trust over time. Our transformation path defines and prioritizes the needed steps: first we need to refine your internal operations, then your products and services, and finally your marketing communication. Our implementation process is always supported by change management and training.

Metamorphose is our innovative transformation process that clues together B@ -success factors and energizes the change process. 

HR360 refers to HR activities: 

HR activities are the soul of your business performance and employee engagement. Brand image affects all HR activities, including your recruiting success.

We use change management service to implement needed changes into practice. Training and coaching support is used from the very beginning of our solution. Understanding what your customers think about your brand, and how they value it helps your brand to improve its image. B@Metamorphose uses 360 evaluation to analyze and measure your business performance. 

Are you ready for the challenge?

No matter where you are located, or what is the size of your organization, you can use our B@Metamorphose solution. Our service is available for new start ups and already established entities. Contact our team.