High Return 360 provides business consulting service and training support for new ventures which need help to improve their plans, enter new markets, find the needed partners, or strengthen the leadership skills of the management team.

Our services help start ups in the following areas:

  • Innovation management
  • Designing of business models, business plans, marketing and sales plans
  • Building a unique value proposition with the help of our B@Metamorphose business tool
  • Expanding to new markets
  • Find the right partners and collaborators for international growth
  • Training and coaching of leadership, managerial skills.

High Return 360 provides services in Central Europe from Amsterdam, plus in all Nordic and Baltic countries from Estonia and Helsinki. Moreover, we help start up companies to link with needed business partners in all time zones. 

High Return 360 has provided start-up services to a wide selection of customer. Some have entered new countries, some are improving their plans new venture plans, some are redefining their business models alltogether, and some need to networking with the right business partners. 

Together we plan Your future success story. For an appointment, click here